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    主题1.University Life and Study

    1. How do you benefit from your university?

    I have been studying in my university for about four years. I enjoyed it very much. It could be regarded as the most wonderful part of my life and I benefited a lot from my university. Firstly, I had good teachers who devoted themselves to teaching us knowledge. Secondly, there were interesting, friendly classmates and close friends with whom I could often talk and share my happiness and sadness. Thirdly, the campus activities were so interesting that I often involved myself in them, which gave me wide room to develop the abilities of cooperation, competition and creativity. My university life, therefore, paved the way for my successful future.

    2. Could you sum up your own study habits in your university briefly?

    Of course, I think there are three points about my study habits. Firstly, I go to bed early and get up early so as to keep myself energetic. Secondly, I pay attention to my work efficiency. I will do the most important task in my most productive time of my day. Thirdly, I believe my health is vital. I often do some physical exercise in the spare time.

    3. What have you got from your study for your career?

    Computer Science is a field that is developing faster than any other fields. I am becoming more and more interested in this subject. I hope I can make some achievements in this field. So I believe that further study in this field will help me with my career. It will be the most important foundation for my future career.


    4. You"ve worked, right? What are you?/What"s your job?/What do you do?

    Yes, I"m a bank clerk in a branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. My major was Economy when I was at university, so after graduation I chose to work in a bank. I think I have put what I have learned in class into practice. I"ve been working there for almost three years. I"ve benefited much from my work.

    5. Please describe your job for us.

    OK. I"m a secretary in a big company. I"m responsible for the routine work of the office, such as meeting various guests, making and answering different calls, making schedules for the manager, organizing meetings, recording and arranging documents, etc. One of the most important jobs is to compile daily reports. All of these are trivial, but of great significance.


    6. What kind of personality do you think you have?

    I"d say I"m a strong-minded person. Once I set a goal, I will just persist with it no matter what difficulties there may be in the way. Of course I do fail sometimes, but I never regard myself as a loser. I think no one is a loser as long as he has tried hard to fulfill his goal. Whenever there is an obstacle hard to overcome, I will encourage myself by saying: “Being young means no failure. Even if I fall down, I can still pick myself up and start again.”

    7. What is your great strength?

    I feel that my strongest merit is my ability to stick to things until I get them done. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as what I have planned.

    8. What is your great weakness?

    I"m afraid I"m poor at communicating with others, especially strangers. Although I have tried to make some changes, I lose my courage at the very moment of starting a conversation. Maybe I am born to be an introvert. So I"d rather stay at home listening to music or reading novels.


    9. Could you tell us something about your hometown?

    My hometown is Xiamen. It is China"s cleanest, most beautiful seaport city, which is located on the southeastern coast of Fujian Province. Xiamen, as an administrative unit, can be dated back to as far as the Song Dynasty. It has always been an important trading port, but since its establishment as one of China"s first four Special Economic Zones in 1981, Xiamen has become a “window city” for China"s opening up to the outside world. Today, Xiamen is a rapidly growing city, with a vigorous economy and a fully-modern infrastructure. Over the past ten years, Xiamen has increasingly focused on the cultivation of international trade, education and tourism.


    10. Can you introduce your family to us?

    There are three members in my family: my father, my mother and I. My father is a technician in Fujian TV Station. He is often on business, so most of the housework is done by my industrious mother. Climbing mountains at weekends is our common interest. The fresh air and natural beauty can help us get rid of tiredness. It can strengthen our relation, too. During my preparation for coming here, my parents" love and support have always been my power. And I hope in the future I will be able to repay them.

    11. Which of your family members influences you most?

    I think that should be my mother. Due to my grandparents" discrimination, my mother was denied the chance to continue high school education. Though she got little education, she was determined to study by herself and got the accounting certificate. For years, she made great efforts to manage her work and raise us three children. Since my father was a policeman and often went out for work before retirement, life was a little hard in those days. I saw the wrinkles on her face, and the white hair on her head. But my mother never complains. I"m so grateful to her and she is really my idol, with strong determination and generous love.

    主题6.Hobby and Interest

    12. What"s your favorite sport?

    My favorite sport is swimming. I swim in the school pool twice a week. In sticky summer days, I swim more frequently. I feel relaxed when I swim, especially before or after exams. Besides, swimming helps me keep in shape, for it needs to exercise every part of the body.

    13. What kind of books do you enjoy reading?

    I like reading detective stories. Whenever or wherever there is a case of murder, I will try to analyze and deduce “who did it” before the author explains everything. You know, once I even tried to help our school police catch a burglar. And we successfully did it. I think reading detective stories makes me excited and quick.

    主题7.Future Plans

    14. Do you think planning a career for a young person is vital?

    Yes. Nowadays, there are more than three million school leavers unable to find jobs, so it is actually vital for the young people to decide on a career as early as possible. They first should know clearly about their own ability. They perhaps need to consult some experts from some industries or public sectors for good advice, which will help them to decide early and wisely.

    15. What would you be doing in five years from now?

    For the first three years, I will try my best to finish my postgraduate education and develop my abilities in an all-round way. In this way, I think I can be competent enough to find a satisfying job. And in the fourth year when I am familiar with my position, I will marry my girlfriend, who is my classmate in college, and form a happy family. In the fifth year, I am going to buy an apartment with the help of mortgage.

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