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    原标题:2011 年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生英语招生考试

    2011 年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生招生考试

    英 语 试 题

    Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)

    1. One of my sayings is “where there is a will, there is a way.”

    A. alike B. likely C. favourite D.favourable


    【解析】题意是“我最?#19981;?#30340;谚语之一是…”所以选择 C,A 是相同的,相像的,B 是可能的,D 是讨人?#19981;?#30340;

    2. One afternoon I went to miss White again.

    A.call for B. call in C.call offD. call on


    【解析】call for 意思是需要,提倡,邀请,为……呼喊;call in 是召集,召来;call off 是取消,叫走; call on 是访问,拜

    访。题目意思是“一天下午,我又一次拜访了 White 女士?#20445;?#25152;以选 D

    3.I am of the same programme every evening though we have few entertainments in our town.

    A. bored B. ill C.tiredD. exhausted


    【解析】be ill of 是病了,be tired of 是对……厌烦,be exhausted of 是被耗尽,题目“我对每晚相同的程序感到厌烦”所

    以选 C

    4.Teachers have free to the library that can provide a lot of data.

    A. admission B. access C. account D. approach


    【解析】“老师可以自由进入可提供许多数据的图书馆?#20445;琱ave free access to,所以选 B

    5.High interest rates people from borrowing money even when they are in bad need of it.

    A. discourage B. distribute C.disappoint D.disturb


    【解析】“高利?#39318;?#27490;了人们借钱,即使当他们急需它?#20445;琩iscourage sb. from doing sth.表示阻止某人做某事,所以选 A

    6.Climate and weather affect every of our lives.

    A. factor B. respectC. fact D. aspect


    【解析】题目意思是“气候和天气会影响我们生活的每个方面?#20445;琭actor 是因素,要素,respect 是尊敬,fact 是?#29575;擔?#30495;相,aspect 是方面的意思,所以选择 D

    7.A dog was by a vehicle and killed.

    A. knocked into B. Knocked out C. held back D. run over


    【解析】一?#36824;?#34987;一辆车压死了,knock into 偶然碰到某人,knock out 击倒,打破,hold back 阻止,抑制,run over 碾压,压死,所以选择 D

    8.Two planes were hardly on the horizon.

    A.sensible B.invisible C. Visible D. available


    【解析】两架飞机在地平线上几乎看不见,sensible 是合情理的,invisible 无形的,看不见的,visible 看得见的,available有效的,on the horizon 是刚刚冒出地平线。因为 hardly 表示否定,所以选择 C

    9. Last year the income of the organization was more than one-fourth.

    A. cut down B.slowed downC.dropped of D. brought down


    【解析】A 表示减少,删节 B 减速,C 跌落,落下,D 降低,打倒,在?#27426;?#35821;态?#26657;?#21482;有及物动词才能?#38057;殺欢?#35821;态,所以选择 A

    10. He always did well at school having to do part-time jobs every now and then.

    A. despite of B. in spite of C. regardless of D. in case of


    【解析】本题考察短语意思。尽管他不得不时不时的做兼职,他还是在学校表现很好,despite of 意思是不管不顾,in spite of 尽管,regardless of 不管不顾,in case of 表示如果,万一。所以根据意思,选择 B

    11. You should not too much from him even if he has made a promise.

    A. expect B. express C.expose D. experience


    【解析】本题考察?#39318;?expect sth. from sb.,你不期望太多,即使他做过?#20449;擔?#25152;以选 A

    12. He was left alone in the room with to look after him though he was only five years old.

    A. anyone B. someoneC. not one D. no one


    【解析】他独?#28304;?#22312;?#32771;?#37324;没有人来照顾他,尽管他只有五岁,not one 表示不止一个,no one 表示没人,所以根据句意,选 D

    13. It would be unwise to too much importance to these opinion polls.

    A. stick B.attach C. apply D. insist


    【解析】本题考察短语 attach important ...to 对什么极为重视,句意是“对意见投票极为重视是不明智的”故选 B

    14. Import of the first three months this years is larger by 7 percent than that of the period last


    A.relating B. concerning C. Corresponding D. regarding


    【解析】题目意思为“今年前三个月的输入量比去年相应阶段的输入量提高了 7%?#20445;瑀elate ?#36873;?#32852;系起来,concern 涉

    及,correspond 符合,类似(题中应译为“相应阶段?#20445;瑀egard 注意,注重所以选 C

    15. My cap looks to John’s,so I often take his by mistake.

    A. same B. identical C. different D. likely


    【解析】我的帽子和约翰的帽子完全相似,所以我经常错误的戴上他的,same 表示相同的人或者事物,也可指外表或意义相同,但实际却有差别的事物,identical 表示同一的,完全相像的,所以选 B

    16. Aunty Mary earned a good reputation hard working and being honest.

    A. aboutB. with C. at D. For


    【解析】玛丽因为努力的工作和她的诚实获得了一个好的名誉,for 在这里表示原因,故选 D

    17. Jim isn’ t ,but he did badly in the final exams last term, which surprised us greatly.

    A. dull B. bright C. awkward D. clever


    【解析】Jim 是不笨的,但是他在?#32454;?#23398;期的期末考试中做的不好,这件事是我们十分惊讶,do badly in 表示 在……做的

    不好,根据后半句,说明 Jim 很聪明,又因为前半句是否定,所以选 A。

    18. Finally we to get what we wanted after we had suffered so much hardship.

    A. operated B. attempted C. managed D. succeeded


    【解析】operate to do 表示操作去做……,attempt to do 表示尝试去做……,manage to do 表示设法成功做……,succeed

    后用介词 in,所以综上,选 C

    19. It’s my power to give you advice on the matter.

    A. above B. below C. under D. beyond


    【解析】在这个问题?#32454;?#20320;几条意见超出了我的能力,beyond one"s power 超出某人的能力,故选 A

    20. Having stayed in the United States for more than ten years, he got an American .

    A. speech B. accent C. voice D. sound


    【解析】他已经在美国居住超过了 10 年,所以他有一种美国口音,speech 演讲,accent 口音,voice 声音,sound 听,所以口音,选择 B

    21. Feburary is the month is usually the coldest.

    A. the weather B. whose weather C. its weather D. when the weather


    【解析】二月通常是天气最冷的的一个月。本题考察的事定语从句,先行词是 month,因为 month 是修饰 weather 的,所

    以选 B

    22. At first, I didn’t recognize her because she at least fifty pounds.

    A. have lost B. might lose C. had lost D.may lose


    【解析】本题考察的是时态。句子意思是:刚开始,我并没有认出她,因为她已经减了至少 50 磅,因为我“没有认出”是过去,所以她减肥是“过去的过去?#20445;?#21363;过去完成时,所以选 C

    23. John suggested anything about it until they found out more facts.

    A. not to say B. not say C. to say not D.not saying


    【解析】本题考察 suggest 的用法,suggest 后面接 doing,否定形式为 suggest not doing ,所以选 D

    24. The general’s command was that the soldiers the place and carry out more important tasks.

    A. leave B. left C. have leftD.would leave


    【解析】本题考察连词 and 的用法。and 前后动词形式保持一致,因为 and 后面的动词 carry 是原型,所以 and 前动词应

    为原型,故选 A

    25.1 was very tired. Otherwise, I to the theatre with you for the new film .

    A. had gone B. have gone C.would have gone D. must have gone


    【解析】本题考察虚拟语气。would+现在完成时,表示过去本做但实?#20160;?#27809;有做的事,所以选 C

    26.to wait for hours, she brought along a book to read.

    A. Expected B. Expecting C.Expect D. To expect


    【解析】本题考察动词的用法。因为 she 和 expect ?#20405;?#21160;关系,所以选择 expecting 表主动。动词+ed 表示?#27426;?#36807;去的动作,动词+ing 表示主动,正在进?#26657;?#25152;以选 B 表示主动。

    27. Mrs. Smith, together with her friends, to visit the new museum.

    A. are goingB. are C. is going D. will be


    【解析】本题考察 together with 的用法。together with 连接两个主语时,谓语动词的形式是与前一个主语保持一致,因为前一个主语是 Mrs. Smith,所以谓语动词与其保持一致,故选 C

    28.before we leave the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party. A. Had they arrived B. Were they to arrive C.Were they arriving D. Would they arrive


    【解析】本题考察虚拟语气的倒装,句意是:假如后天我们动身之前他们能赶到的话,我们就举办一个美好的晚宴,这是对将来的虚拟,倒装后省略 if,故选 B

    29. Mr. Wang said such a thing to happen at school again and he forgave me this time.

    A. ought not to be allowed B. ought to be not allowed

    C. ought to be allowed not D. not ought to be allowed


    【解析】ought to do sth.做某事,否定形式为 ought not to do sth.所以选 A

    30. A Dream of the Red Mansion is said into dozens of languages in the last decade.

    A. to translate B. to have translated

    C. to be translated D. to have been translated




    31. We enjoyed ours elves very much last night at the party. You with us.

    A. should have comeB. must come C. must have come D. should come


    【解析】should have done 表示做的事却没有做,故选 A

    32. Only under special circumstances to take make-up tests.

    A. freshmen are permitted B. are freshmen permitted

    C. permitted are freshmen D. are permitted freshmen


    【解析】本题考察 only 的倒装,permit 与 to 连用,所以选择 B

    33.There is not much news in today’ s paper, ?

    A. is it B. isn’ t it C. isn’t there D. is there


    【解析】本题考察反义疑问句,前肯定,后否定,而且时态,结构必须保持一致,又因为前面用 there is not ,所以后面要

    用肯定形式,所以选 D

    34. You’ve already missed too many classes this term.. You four classes just last week.

    A. had missed B. miss C. missed D.have missed


    【解析】本题考察时态。句意为?#32791;?#36825;个学期已经没有上许多课了,上周你又有四节课没上。所以用过去时,又因为过去完成时是表示过去的过去发生的动作,需要有一个动作作为参考点,但是后半句并没?#26657;?#25152;以直接用过去式,选 C

    35. Before leaving in the village, he visited the old house he spent his childhood.

    A. in which B. which C. to which D. at which


    【解析】本题考察 spend 的用法,spend time in(doing)sth 所以选择 A

    Part II Reading Comprehension (40%)

    Passage 1

    Even people who don’t understand English can enjoy Chaplin’s films because they are almost silent. It isn’t

    what he says that makes us laugh. His comedy (喜剧)doesn’t depend upon words or language, but on the little actions which mean the same thing to people all over the world.

    In his films, Chaplin raises his thick black eyebrow ( 眉毛 ).He straightens his coat or swings his walking stick in the air. He hides behind a fat lady or climbs under a table to escape from his enemies. Trying to be brave, he faints away on the floor. He pretends to be what he is not and never could be a rich,successful, important man. It is the secret fo Chaplin’s huge success.

    He discovered the character of the little tramp almost by accident. As young men, he and his brother traveled to America in a small company of actors and acted in various cities. One day Charles was invited to join a new company that was making comedies. It was in his second film that he wore the clothes that made his reputation : black hat, tight coat, big trousers, huge shoes, moustache ( 胡须 )and walking stick. He intended simply to make people laugh. But the odd disguises(扮相)made him look both comic and sad.

    His appearance was a popular success, right form the beginning. But his early films hadn’t much story. They were full of actions. The little man played fast-moving games of hide-and-seek with his enemies, racing down city streets, jumping on trains, and boating down rivers.

    36. Which of the following is true?

    A. Chaplin was a homeless traveler

    B. Chaplin hardly did actions in films.

    C. Chaplin amused his audience by his actions.

    D. Chaplin always did the same actions in his films.



    37. The secret of Chaplin’s success is that he created a character who .

    A. faints away on the floor, trying to be brave

    B. behaves as if he was a successful, important richman

    C. straightens his coat or swings his walking stick in the air

    D. hides behind a fat lady or climbs under a table to escape from his enemies.



    装?#20445;?#25152;以选 B

    38. The word “tramp” in Line 1, Paragraph 3 may mean a” ”.

    A. person who walks far B. person who wakls heavily

    C. disabled person who is unlucky D. homeless person who moves about


    【解析】因为文章中第二句说卓别林和他的哥哥两个?#35828;?#32654;国的小公司当演?#20445;?#20063;如果很多城?#23567;?#25152;以选择 D

    39. With the help of his odd appearance, Chaplin intended to look .

    A. rich B. funny C. successfulD. impressive


    【解析】根据文章第三段最后一句话?#23567;癱omic?#20445;?#21487;以知道选择 B

    40. Chaplin’s films were full of the following actions EXCEPT .

    A. boating down rivers B. racing down city streets

    C. Jumping on trains D. driving bicycles


    【解析】根据文章第四段最后一句我们可以看出没有 driving bicycles,所以选择 D

    Passage 2

    A cat burglar invaded the bedroom of the President of the United States, who confronted him and helped him escape. The event occurred in the early morning hours in one of the first days of the presidency of Calvin Coolidge, late in August, 1923. He and his family were living at the Willard Hotel in Washington that they had occupied during his vice presidency.

    Coolidge awoke to see a burglar search his clothes. Finally he got a wallet and a watch. When he was removing the watch chain, Coolidge spoke : “I wish you wouldn’t take that.’,The thief, at his voice, said: “why?” “I don’t mean the watch and chain, only the charm. Take it near the window and read what is engraved (雕刻)on the back of it ,”the President said. The burglar read: “Presented to Calvin Coolidge,Speaker of the House, by the Massachusetts General Court.” “Are you President Coolidge?” he asked. The President answered, “Yes, and the Legislature gave me that watch charm...Fm fond of it. It would do you no good. You want money. Let’s talk this over.” Holding up the wallet, the thief bargained: “I’ll take this and leave everything else. ” Coolidge,knowing there was $80 in the billfold, persuaded the thief to sit down and talk. The young man said he and his college roommate had overspent during their vacation and did not have enough money to pay their hotel bill. Coolidge added up the room rate and two rail ticket back to the campus. Then he counted out $32 and said it was a loan. He then told the thief that there would be a Secret Service agent patrolling (巡逻)the hotel corridor and asked if an escape could be made by going back along the hotel ledge (窗台).

    The man left through the same window he had entered.

    41. The phrase “a cat burglar” in the first line means”a thief who ”.

    A. steals cats B. has nine lives like a cat

    C. is fond of the game of cat-and-mouse

    D. enters buildings by climbing through windows



    42. The burglar intended to steal the .

    A.Wallet B.WatchC.wallet and the watch D.wallet and the watch chain


    【解析】由文章第二段可以看出小偷准备把总统的手表和钱偷走,所以选 D

    43. The “charm” in Paragraph 2 probably means” ”.

    A. the power of attracting people

    B. a word believed to have magic power

    C. a small object that is attached to a chain

    D. a small thing worn for supposed magic power


    【解析】有文章第二段可以知道这块手表的?#33267;?#19978;刻有字,总统指的是这个,所以选择 C

    44. The President gave the burglar dollars.

    A. 80 B. 32 C. 48 D. 112


    【解析】文章第二段?#23567;癟hen he counted out $32?#20445;琧ount out 意思是不?#36873;?#32771;虑在内,所以推断给了小偷 32 美元

    45.What can we infer from the passage? A. Coolidge kept the secret for the burglar.

    B. Coolidge gave the watch to the burglar kept the charm.

    C. Coolidge gave the burglar a sum of money which was only enough to pay his hotel bill.

    D. Coolidge reported the burglary to the Secret Service Agency and the burglar was arrested.


    【解析】最后一句话说明了总统告诉了这个小?#30340;?#37324;有巡逻队,并且让他离开了,所以可以知道,总统为这个小?#24403;?#23432;住了这个秘密,所以选 A

    Passage 3

    China will continue its policy of encouraging people to study abroad, Vice-Minister of Education Wei Yu said last week.

    China will also encourage students to return to the motherland to participate in its modernization effort, she said, and if they want to go abroad again the country will give them the green light.

    On June 23,1978,the late Deng Xiaoping, then Chinese Vice-premier, decided that more people should study abroad, and the policy started a 20-year study-abroad fever.

    In Chinese cities, it is difficult to find a young person who has not heard of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination), the primary tests required to attend graduate school in the United States.

    China sent its first group of students to study in the United States and Europe back in 1872. That ended during World War II.

    During the 1950’s,the major destination for students was the former Soviet Union. Many current Chinese leaders were students in Soviet colleges.

    But the “cultural revolution (1966-76)’’ dealt a blow to the enthusiasm. Any contacts with foreigners were strictly banned (禁止).

    “To some extent, the difficulty of a shortage of talented people has been eased,” she said, “thanks to the study-abroad policy which has in turn promoted China’s opening-up to the rest world.” Wei went on to say that during the past two decades,about 300,000 Chinese have gone to study in more than 100 countries. By the end of 1997,a total of 163,100 Chinese had studied in the United States,accounting for 56 percent of the students who went overseas to study.

    “Facts have proved that Deng’s decision was correct.”Wei said .

    Another official said that more and more students have returned to China after completing their studies abroad. “China’s economic miracle is providing them with opportunities to develop their talent.? he said, adding that their social status, working and living conditions have been improving.

    46. In Paragraph 2, the “green light” refers to .

    A. the passport B. the permission

    C. the symbol of welcome D.one of the traffic signals


    【解析】根据句意说:如果他们想要再次去国外的话,我们国家将会给他们亮绿灯,所以是给予允许的意思,并不是 A 的

    护照,通行证的意思,所以选 B

    47. The passage implies that .

    A. in China few young people have taken the TOEFL test .

    B. it is difficult to find many young people to take TOEFL test.

    C.TOEFL and GRE are tests_for primary education in the U.S.

    D.TOEFL and GRE are two popular tests for Chinese youth to study in the U.S.


    【解析】根据文章第四段段意,我们可以看出:去美国学习 TOFEL 和 GRE 试是十分受中国年轻人欢迎的,所以选 D

    48. According to the passage,about 300,000 Chinese have been sent to study abroad since .

    A. 1978 B.1976 C. 1950 D. 1872


    【解析】本题考察学生的推断能力。根据文章的第八段“Wei want on to say that……。还有 By the end of 1997,可以推断,

    前面那句话说的是 1997 年,又因为前面那句话有“during the past two decades”在过去的 20 年间,也就是 1997 年的 20 年前~1997 年,所?#28304;?#27010;是 1978 年,选 A

    49. China’s study-abroad policy is rewarded, for .

    A. The returned talents from abroad have helped China to develop .

    B. 163,000 students have received or completed higher education in the U.S.

    C. all the students who went to the U.S. for further studies have returned to China.

    D. the problem of shortage of talents has become more severe.


    【解析】根据文章最后?#27426;危?#25105;们可以看出这些留学生回来促进中国的发展,所以选 A

    50. From the passage,it may be concluded that .

    A. people go abroad mainly for better working conditions.

    B. very few young people have complete their education abroad.

    C. China’s study-abroad policy has been proved a great success.

    D. more talented overseas students will come to China to finish their studies.


    【解析?#30475;?#25991;章倒数第二段,我们可以看出,这个政策取得了很大的成功。所以选 C

    Passage 4

    Thousands of years ago man used handy rocks for his surgical operations. Later he used sharp bone or horn, metal knives and more recently, rubber and plastic and that was where we stuck, in surgical instrument terms, for many years. In the 1960s a new tool was developed,one which was, first of all,to be of great practical use to the armed forces and industry, but which was also, in time, to change greatly the art and science of surgery.

    The tool is the laser (激光)and it is being used by more and more surgeons all over the world. As we all know, light is hot^ any source of light—from the sun itself down to a simple match burning—will give warmth. But light is usually spread out over a wide area. The light in a laser beam (激光束),however, is concentrated ( 密

    集).This means that a light with no more power than that produced by an ordinary electric light bulb becomes intensely strong as it is concentrated to a pinpoint-sized (针尖大小的)beam.

    Experiments with these pinpoint beams showed researchers that different energy sources produce beams that have a particular effect on certain living cells. It is now possible for eye surgeons to operate on the back of human eye without harming the front of the eye, simply by passing a laser beam right through the aye -ball.No knives, no stitches (缝针),no unwanted damage—a true surgical wonder. Operations which once made patients tired and in need of long period of recovery time now leave them feeling calm and comfortable. So much more difficult operations can now be tried.

    The rapid development of laser techniques in the past ten years has made it clear that the future is likely to be very exciting.Perhaps some cancers will be treated with laser in a way that makes surgery not only safer but also more effective. Altogether, tomorrow may see more information coming to light on the diseases which can be treated medically.

    51. The instruments of surgical operations up until 1960s can be described as .

    A. traditional B. complicated C. magical D. revolutionary


    【解析?#30475;?#25991;章开头我们可以看出 1960s 后,有了高科技,所以 1960s 前技术是比较低端的,所以选择 A

    52. What changes have taken place since the appearance of laser in the 1960s?

    A. Industrial revolution has mademedical help available for industrial workers.

    B. The research in study of art went through a complete revolution.

    C.Surgery benefits greatly from the industrial revolution.

    D.The methods in surgery for patients changed greatly.


    【解析】根据文章第?#27426;?#26368;后一句话,我?#20405;?#36947;了 1960s 后,外科治疗的方法取得了很大的进步。所以选 D

    53. The laser beam is very strong because .

    A.it is artificially lighted

    B. it gives off heat in all directions.

    C. it contains a concentrated beam of the light

    D.its temperature increases due to the heat of the sun


    【解析】文章中第二段“This means that a light……beam.”可以看出激光束之所以这么大的威力是因为它?#21387;?#32447;集中在一

    起,使它不会那么分散,所以选 C

    54. By applying the laser beam,surgeons can perform operations which .

    A.may make their patients suffer with negative effects

    B.may take their patients a long time to recover

    C.do little harm to their patients

    D.can only treat eye diseases




    55. The rapid development of laser technique indicates that .

    A.in future we also can

    B.surgery is likely to be improved considerably

    C.in future all the diseases can certainly be cured

    D.operations will be performed more complicatedly in future


    【解析】文章主旨是强调激光在医学上的利处,而且最后?#27426;?#35828;激光技术在过去的十年里的迅速发展,会使得它在之后可能会发展更快,所以选 B

    Part III Cloze (10%)

    People from different cultures sometimes do things that make each other uncomfortable, sometimes without realizing it. Most Americans 56 out of the country and have very 57 experience with foreigners. But they are usually spontaneous (朴实的),friendly and open, and enjoy 58 new people, having guests and bringing people together formally or informally. They tend to use first names 59 most situations and speak freely 60 themselves. So if your American hosts do something that 61 you uncomfortable, try to let them know 62 you feel. Most people will 63 your honesty and try not to make you uncomfortable again. And you’ll 64 something about another culture!

    Many travelers find 65 easier to meet people in the U.S. 66 in other countries. They may just come 67 and introduce themselves or even invite you over 68 they really know you. Sometimes Americans are said to be 69 Perhaps it seems so, but they are probably just 70 a good time. Just like anywhere else, it 71 time to become real friends 72 people in the U.S.

    If and 73 you stay with American friends, they will probably 74 introducing you to their friends and family, and if they seem proud 75 you. it,s probably because they are. Relax and enjoy it!

    56. A.have never been B. have been never C. has never been D. has been never


    【解析】根据文章上下句,我们可以推断出,大部分的美国人从不走出国家,并且有和外国人很少的经历,never 总在 have

    been 中间,所以选择 A

    57.A. a little B B. little C.much D. a great deal


    【解析】修饰经历,而且是“很少的?#20445;?#25152;以是 B

    58. A. meet B. to meet C. meeting D. to have met


    【解析】本题考察 enjoy doing sth.所以选择 C

    59.A. on B. among C. under D. in


    【解析】固定搭配。situation 前用介词 in,所以选 D

    60.A. of B. onC.in D. about


    【解析】考察句意。题目中说在大多数情况下,他们倾向于用他们的姓名,并?#26131;?#30001;的讲关于他们的事情。关于,是 about

    61.A. make B. makes C. made D. making


    【解析】本题考察 soemthing 后的谓语动词是单数形式,所以选择 makes

    62.A. how B. why C. when D. where


    【解析】句意:尝试着让他?#20405;?#36947;你的感觉怎么样,用 how

    63.A. praise B. judge C.appreciate D. believe


    【解析】句意:大多数人会感激你的真诚。感激是 appreciate

    64.A. research B. learn C. inquire D. study


    【解析】你将会学会关于另一种文化的东西,所以用 learn,inquire 是询问,查询

    65.A. it B. this C. them D. that


    【解析】本题考察 it 的用法,it ?#22797;?#21518;面的 meet people,所以选 it

    66.A. where B.when C. than D. why


    【解析】许多旅行者发现在美国比在其他国家更容易遇到一些人。这里是把在美国,和在其他国?#26131;?#27604;较,所以选择 than

    67.A. on B. by C. off D. up


    【解析】考察短语意思。come on 快点,要求,跟着来,come by 从旁走过,come off 举?#26657;?#25104;功,表现,come up 走近,上来。句意意思是:他们可能自己走上来并且介绍他们自己,甚至邀请你在他们真正认识你之前,所以选择 D

    68.A. when B. before C.though D. if


    【解析】根据句意是在她们认识你之前,所以用 before,选 B

    69.A. superficially friend B. superficial friend

    C. Superficial friendly D. superficially friendly


    【解析】注意:frendly 是形容词,需要用副词修饰,所以选 D

    70. A. having B .taking C.making D.getting


    【解析】考察短语 have a good time 玩的开心

    71.A. spends B. gains C. takes D. gets


    【解析】本题考察句型:It takes sb. to do sth.

    72. A. with B. among C. to D. in


    【解析】句意是:与美国人民成为真正的朋友需要时间。表示和…用 with,among 在……中间,to 到,in 在……里面,所

    以选 A

    73. A. after B. though C. where D. when


    【解析】考察句意。如果或者当你和美国朋友待在一起,after 在……之后,though 尽管,where 在……地方,所以用 when


    74 A. hate B. forbid C. enjoy D. avoid


    【解析】如果或者当你和美国朋友待在一起,他们将可能?#19981;?#25226;你介绍给他们的朋友?#22270;?#20154;。所以选择 enjoy,hate 讨厌,不?#19981;叮琭orbid 禁止,avoid 避免,所以根据句意选择 C

    75. A. knowing B. to know C. know D. having known


    【解析】本题考察 be proud to do sth.所以选 B

    Part IV Writing (15%)

    76.你叫李明,去年考上了、学桌张强却落榜了。经过一年的复习,他今年也考上了大学。 你得知此信息后,十?#20013;?#20102;一封贺信。信中谈到了你们三年高中学习中一些难忘的事情 以及你?#20405;?#38388;的友谊,还可向他简单谈谈你的大学生活感受,并且给他一些忠告,以应付即将开始的大学生活。


    2011 年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生招生考试

    英 语 试 题 答 案

    l.C 2. D 3.C 4.B 5. A 6. D 7. D8. C 9. A 10. B 11. A 12. D 13. B 14. C 15. B 16. D

    17. A 18. C 19. D 20. B 21. B 22. C 23. D 24. A 25. C 26. B 27. C 28. B 29. A 30. D

    31. A 32. B 33. D 34.C 35. A 36. C 37. B 38. D 39. B 40. D 41. D 42. D 43. C

    44. B 45. A 46. B 47. D 48.A 49.A 50. C 51. A 52.D 53.C54.C55. B

    56. A 57. B 58.C 59.D 60.D 61. B 62. A 63. C 64.B 65. A 66. C 67. D 68.B

    69.D 70. A 71. C 72. A 73D

    74.C 75.B

    Part IV Writing (15%)



    作文部分满分是 15 分,可?#27425;宓灯?#20998;:2 分,5 分,8 分,11 分及 14 分。

    阅卷人员根据考生的作文,?#25569;掌?#20998;标准,在某分数档次(如 8 分)上进行加减, 即若认为稍优于或稍劣于该分数档则可加一分(即 9 分)或减一分(即 7 分)。但不得加或减半分。


    2 分—条例不清,思路混乱,内容不明确,语言支离破碎,只有几个语句,且大部分句子有?#29616;?#35821;?#28304;?#35823;。5 分—基本切题,表达思想基本清楚,但连贯性差,有较多的语?#28304;?#35823;,字数少于 80。 8 分—比较切题,但仍有些地方表达不够清楚,文?#33267;?#36143;,但有少量语?#28304;?#35823;,字数多于 80。11 分—切题,表达思想清楚,文?#33267;?#36143;,但有少量语?#28304;?#35823;,字数不少于 100。14 分—很切题,表达思想十?#26234;?#26970;,行文相当通?#24120;?#36830;贯性较好,基本上无语?#28304;?#35823;, 字数不少于 100。

    注:(1)白卷?#21644;?#20840;文不对题?#32791;?#20889;的或从试卷其他地方抄来的与作文主题无关的材料:只有几个孤立的单词而未表达任何思想情况,均给 0 分。(2)字数不足应?#20204;?#25187;分。


    www.36037731.com true http://www.36037731.com/seduzx/120021815/303524688.html report 37732 为您提供全方面的2011 年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生英语招生考试 相关信息,根据用户需求提供2011 年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生英语招生考试 最新最全信息,解决用户的2011 年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生英语招生考试 需求,原标题:2011年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生英语招生考试2011年广东省普通高等学校本科插班生招生考试英语试题PartIVocabularyandStructure(35%)1.Oneofmysayingsis“wher...
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