• 「教育部」教师不得通过手机微信和QQ等方式布置作业

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    China bans teachers from using messaging apps to assign homework

    Teachers in China will not be allowed to use the WeChat or QQ messaging apps to assign homework or ask parents to grade students" homework, the Ministry of Education said.


    1)表示“将…分等级;给…评分?#20445;?#33521;文解释为“If something is graded, its quality is judged, and it is often given a number or a name that indicates how good or bad it is.”举个??:

    The college does not grade the students" work.



    make the grade,表示“成功?#20445;?#33521;文解释为“If someone makes the grade, they succeed, especially by reaching a particular standard.”举个??:

    She had a strong desire to be a dancer but failed to make the grade.



    翻译时遇到机构类专有名词,首选的方法就是去官网看有没有英文版。比如此处的教育部——the Ministry of Education就可以在官网查到,?#27604;?#24456;多小伙伴早就知道这一英文表达了。

    In a recent response to a proposal to the National Committee of the Chinese People"s Political Consultative Conference, the ministry said it is the teachers" responsibility to grade students" homework and teachers should not pass the buck to parents.

    pass the buck

    表示“推诿责任?#20445;?#33521;文解释为“If you pass the buck, you refuse to accept responsibility for something, and say that someone else is responsible.”举个??:

    He says the responsibility is Mr. Smith"s and it"s no good trying to pass the buck.



    “shirk your responsibilities/duties/obligations?#20445;?#22914;:parents who shirk their responsibilities towards their children 逃避教养子女责任的?#25913;浮?/p>

    The ministry and seven other departments issued a guideline in August designed to protect students" eyesight by curtailing the use of electronic devices to assign homework. Teachers should assign homework on paper only and limit the time they use electronic devices to teach, the guideline said.

    the ministry指什么?

    其实很简单,就是指前文的the Ministry of Education。之所以提一句,是想再次提醒大家英文中非常?#19981;?#29992;不同的英文表达同一个事物,以避免重复。


    表示“缩减?#20445;?#33521;文解释为“If you curtail something, you reduce or limit it.”举个??:

    NATO plans to curtail the number of troops being sent to the region.




    But many schools rely heavily on WeChat groups and other mobile phone apps to give assignments. The practice poses a challenge to the country"s goal of protecting children"s eyesight, and feeds parents" worries about their children becoming addicted to cellphones and the Internet.


    1)表示“加深(情绪、愿望等)?#20445;?#33521;文解释为“to increase the strength of an emotion, desire etc”举个??:

    Her depression grew, fed by her bitter experiences.



    feed into(不能拆开),表示“影响?#20445;?#33521;文解释为“to have an effect on something or help to make it happen”举个??:

    The influence of Italian designer fashion feeds into sports fashion.


    Liu Yanming, a sixth-grade student in Shanghai, usually has to use his mother"s cellphone to do his homework because it is handwritten by his teacher on a piece of paper that is then photographed and posted to a parent-teacher group on WeChat. Liu Yong, his father, is not pleased.


    平常拍照时是不是?#32423;?#20250;说或听到朋友说“我不上相?#20445;?#37027;用英语怎么表达呢?就是photograph well举个??:

    She does not photograph well.


    "He is just 12 years old, and I do not want to buy him a cellphone," he said. "But it has become more inevitable." "One time, both my wife and I had to work overtime and couldn"t get back home on time. I had to entrust a friend to go to my home and show my son his homework." "I also worry that my son"s eyesight will be damaged from staring at the phone for too long."


    表示“ 委?#23567;保?#33521;文解释为“If you entrust something important to someone or entrust them with it, you make them responsible for looking after it or dealing with it. ”举个??:

    He entrusted his cash to a business partner for investment in a series of projects.


    They can be entrusted to solve major national problems.


    Chu Zhaohui, a senior researcher at the National Institute of Education Sciences, said that although it is impossible to ban the use of electronic devices in the Internet era, students must be able to complete their homework without using them, so that those who cannot afford tablets, computers or smartphones can also do their work.


    the National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES)表示“中国教育科学研究院”。

    "What"s wrong with paper and pen? Students should only use electronic tools for homework assignments when it is necessary, such as doing listening comprehension or to practise oral presentation," he said.
    "We don"t want to ban online education models, but they must be used carefully. Modern technologies are good, but they are supposed to serve as textbooks, not steal the show."

    steal the show/limelight/scene

    表示“(尤指演戏时)抢风头,?#32769;貳保?#33521;文解释为“to do something, especially when you are acting in a play, that makes people pay more attention to you than to other people”举个??:

    Hr stole the show with a marvellous performance.


    来源:The Straits Times

    www.36037731.com true http://www.36037731.com/seduzx/627280/295136655.html report 7613 为您提供全方面的「教育部」教师不得通过手机微信和QQ等方式布置作业相关信息,根据用户需求提供「教育部」教师不得通过手机微信和QQ等方式布置作业最新最全信息,解决用户的「教育部」教师不得通过手机微信和QQ等方式布置作业需求,原标题:「教育部」教师不得通过手机微信和QQ等方式布置作业近日,教育部针对此前的《关于停止小学老师用手机微信和QQ对学生及家长布置和提交作业的提案》作出答复指出,明确教师不得通过手机微信和QQ等方式布置作业,将批改作业的任务交给家长。Chinaban...
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